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We also recommend you check out Pedelecs electric bike community which has everything you would ever need to know about electric bikes including guides and a busy forum where you have experts able to answer almost any question about electric bikes.

Electric Bike Magazine
This is the best magazine currently available on electric bikes in the UK. It has plenty of reviews in each issue as well as the latest news and fascinating articles. Check out the latest issue of Electric Bike Magazine  

The Problem with Cycling  

Cycling isn’t as really good as people make it out to be. It’s hard work. It takes a long time. And it doesn’t look nearly as fun when you have to dress up especially before and after travelling around. So of course, you and most other people stick to sitting in traffic or forking out for public transport...

Enter the electric bike

An electric bike is like strapping a fit athlete to your pedals. Suddenly, cycling becomes much, much easier. Nothing is faster, cheaper and as ridiculously good fun as riding an electric bike across town. It is the perfect solution for people who aren’t already cycling.

Of course, they’re not supposed to replace people who are already cycling (unless they’re older or physically can’t cycle without assistance anymore), but since everyone isn’t already riding around around in cycling lycra everywhere, this isn’t a problem. Electric bikes are great for encouraging cycling.

Electric bikes are really popular in countries where cycling culture is strong. From the end of 2010, there are about double the number of electric bikes in China alone as there are iPhones worldwide, and in Holland about one in eight bicycles are electric. The exciting news is this trend is hitting the UK like a storm...

Dozens of dealers are sprouting up across the country selling highly engineered, reliable electric bikes with excellent backup and support networks. And thanks to the soaring costs of fuel and travel, the economics of an electric bike make even more sense than ever. They normally pay for themselves well within a year.

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Electric Bikes Conversion Kits - The Ultimate Guide for 2012 - Electric bikes conversion kits are on paper a really smart way of getting an electric bike. But they’re not for everyone and not necessarily the easiest or cheapest way of getting an electric bicycle.

Choose an Electric Bike | Electric Bike Buyers Guide: Chapter 3 - A great piece of advice from Richard Peace, author of ‘Electric Bikes Guide’ on how to choose an electric bike: “It it’s nice to ride without power, it’s often a good electric bike”

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