AutoVelo Electric Bike Promises Americans the Comfort of a Car

A picture of the concept bike

A picture of the concept bike


Eric Stoddard's Award-winning entry at the 2010 International Bicycle Design Competition, claiming one of six awards between 720 entries, promises to make cycling as comfortable as being in your own car.

The American designer designed the electric recumbent bike with a small motor to kick in when the rider becomes too tired. But will it be enough to entice a nation in love with the motorcar to a different kind of wheel?

The rational thinking behind an electric bike remains sound; the cost savings, the health benefits, helping the environment and more - but the irrational thinking (that so often plagues our buying decisions) may not be convinced.

When was the last time you spent big money on something thinking it rationally through. Did you buy the car because it had air conditioning, or because it looked awesome?

The question remains - does Uncle Sam want to be seen on a bicycle at a drive-thru...?

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