Find Cheap Electric Bikes

Electric bikes make so much sense money-wise, it seems logical to go and get less expensive electric bikes and maximize the savings. I like your logic, but there are a few things you need to be aware of first. I’ll show you how to get fantastic value only if you follow these guidelines to a tee.

Cheap electric bikes aren’t always the best electric bikes. Obviously, price is a big consideration when looking at purchasing an electric bike, but there are many other factors like:

• How comfortable your electric bike is

• How easy it is to ride and control with the motor

• How much range the battery has

• How long will the battery last

• What type of brakes, suspension and accessories it comes with

• How powerful the motor is (can it carry you up a hill at speed?)

And that’s only a small list of things to consider; there are other “off-bike” criteria too like:

• Will there be someone to answer the phone if you need support?

• Is it easy to get your bike serviced in the UK?

• Or get parts replaced in the UK?

• What about warrantees…

• … or guarentees

• Or even – is your bicycle retailer a trusted seller?

• Could you get your electric bike in a sale?

You need to consider all of these before buying. China is the leading producer and user of electric bikes, and many models have ended up over here. Some brands are more trustworthy than others – in general, importing directly from China bears many risks.

Suppose something goes wrong; are you really going to try and get in contact with someone in China and ship your bike out? Unless you’re a fan of unnecessary hassle, avoid buying direct from China. It’s just not worth it.

Buy from a company that has already imported bikes into the UK (or wherever you live). Buy from a company that can provide easy and convenient maintenance support; you want to be safe in the knowledge there is always someone on the end of a phone.

Buy from a registered UK company; buying from individuals, unless its someone you personally know well. Meeting strangers in the streets or buying used products like electric bikes off eBay brings with it numerous risks you don’t want to get involved with – especially with something like an electric bike.

Stick to these principles and you’ll be fine. And as promised, here are 6 Ways to Save On Electric Bikes:

Trade In

You could trade in an older bicycle - or even a car (if you’re planning to cycle to work for example) with your local bike shop. Generally, you’ll still have to pay more, but the savings you make by getting rid of an older bike which perhaps you’re less likely to use can make an electric bicycle affordable.

Last Seasons Bikes

The bicycle retail sector tends to work around the seasons, and in general manufacturers produce new models for each year. Retailers make more money selling ‘the latest and greatest’ – so they tend to flog off older models at a discount.

Keep a wary eye out for any ‘end of season sales’ in the late summer/early autumn and of course, over winter. E-Bikes Direct in particular often have many overstock electric bikes for sale.

Used Electric Bikes

There are some serious problems with buying used electric bikes but they can represent incredible value for money. This is best reserved for the savviest of bargain hunters, and perhaps those who don’t mind tinkering with bikes mechanical parts. You should also expect to buy some new replacement parts.

Tax-Free Electric Bikes

The Government likes “green” transport methods which help reduce congestion, cut pollution and create a much happier society, so they’ve created a system where employees can get bicycles tax-free via there employers (and save 40-50%!). The best commuter bikes by far are cheap electric bikes, where you’ll also benefit from the percentage savings the most.

Payment Plans

Similar to buying a car or house on finance, you can get payment plans from some bicycle retailers where you will pay for your cheap electric bikes over monthly installments. Usually, a small interest payment is added – but if you can’t afford the upfront cost, a scheduled payment plan is ideal!

If you’re looking to really save money, you could invest in buying a conversion kit and get your hands dirty adding a motor, battery, controller and connector to your bike. This takes some skill and guidance, but if you’re comfortable with changing over an existing bikes into electric bikes withs conversion kits could create really good cheap electric bikes for you.