Choosing A Road Bike

If you’re choosing a road bike, you’ll likely be looking for speed and endurance. Road bicycles are in general much slimmer than mountain bikes, so they’re closer related to racing bikes used in sports.

As a road bike is built for a road, you should in general keep it on cycle paths and roads, avoiding lots of cross country cycling where a hybrid bike or a mountain bike may be more useful.

On the road, good acceleration and deceleration means a lot. If you’re trying to pull away from a busy junction or if you’re working your way through a series of traffic lights during rush hour, having the ability to pull away quickly and not get boxed in by cars around you is important, even vital in some place.

Most of us aren’t Chris Hoy standard cyclists and the prospect of accelerating hard out of every single junction in busy traffic can seem a bit daunting. That’s why I recommend an electric road bike. You can put in the effort if you wish, or you can supplement it with a touch of a button and be whisked away at speeds which match (or even exceed) city traffic. That gives you more time to concentrate on the traffic and your route – and cuts stress!

Equally, since city road bikes are built for speed, having powerful brakes is essential too. Many bikes simply feature a grip on the wheel, which is okay at slower speeds on the flat but simply aren’t good enough when travelling at speed in a city (especially on an electric bike). For that reason, it is much better to have disc brakes (more similar to what you get on a car) which are far more effective at speed.

An electric road bike has so many useful and practical features. They save you money and time and help you become healthier, easier. Learn more how an how an electric bike works.

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