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cut fuel costs There are dozens of electric bicycle comparison metrics I could pick to demonstrate how an electric bike could change your life like how they're more likely to help you become fitter than a normal bike, or how they can shave chunks of wasted time off your daily commute, or help cut down your carbon footprint, or how they can make you a happier person (exercise, even a little, results in endorphins being released)...

...But the one most people ask about in the end is cost. So here it is...

This simple electric bicycle comparison cost calculator illustrates the money problems you face with keeping a car on the road instead of an electric bike.

After filling it out, you’ll see how much more cars cost – if you get stuck, try the recommendations - and at the end, I'll show you the electric bicycle comparison showing you the difference

So You Want to Know How Much Your Car's Costing You?

Initial Purchase Cost£
Plan to change it after years
Resale Value after years£

Everyday Running Costs

Annual Mileage (normally about 10,000 mile per year)
Miles per gallon (a Toyota Prius can acheive about 40mpg in the real world)
Petrol price per litre (enter 100 if you're not sure -- that's pennies!)
Annual road tax (average about £150 per year)
Annual service (£50 with no work done)
Insurance premium (£200 is a good deal)
Breakdown insurance (starts at about £30)
Maintenance costs
(eg Emergency repairs)
£ a year
(eg Congestion charge - £8 daily, parking permits, fines, garage hire)
£ a month


How many days a week on average do you use your car?


Monthly loan repayment
Loan amount


Your car is Costing you:
Each year:£
Each month:£
Each mile:£
Each day of use:£

Thanks to the folks at thisismoney.co.uk for this chart

Now let me show you what the costs for an middle-of-the-range electric bike would be.

You will be stunned.


Electric Bicycle Comparison Chart

Initial Purchase Cost£1000They're much cheaper than cars meaning you don't have to spend so much in the first place.
Plan to change it after3 YearsYou can hold on to it for a long time or for only a short while. It doesn't matter because...

Resale Value after 3 Years

£500 ... electric bikes hold their value well.
Petrol Costs£0 Instead the power comes from your mains electricity for about 10p a day
New battery every 18 - 36 months£300 Batteries do lose their life over years of use. A new one can be purchased for the cost of filling up a car only a handful of times
Insurance and Breakdown Cover (Optional)£80 If you want to peace of mind having insurance to cover your electric bike, this is easily available for sub-£100
Congestion charge, parking etc.£0No extra fees. Cash in the glovebox is no longer needed

So with extra battery and insurance a middle-of-the-range electric bicycle will cost you only:

£513.33 per year over 3 years

£42.78 per month over 36 months

£1.41 per day – less than a small cup of coffee

And assuming a 10-mile return journey 300 days a year…

…only 9p per mile

How does that compare with the numbers in your car cost calculator?

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