Exercise Reduces Stress because...

Exercise reduces stress because the increased blood flow triggers a range of reactions in your body. This is principally caused by raising your metabolism (the rate at which reactions happen in your body, like respiration) and increasing the flow of blood to your brain.

The rise in your body’s metabolism is good for your overall health and fitness. Healthy people are more likely to be able to cope with stress in the long-term without becoming ill or breaking down. Moreover, exercising sets off the release of endorphins, which is your bodies “feel good” hormone. This makes you feel happy.

The increase in blood flow to the brain helps you think clearer, since more sugar (fuel) is being pumped in, and waste is moved out quicker. A quick run or cycle is honestly one of the best ways to get back into focus.

Exercise reduces stress in a much more natural way than taking pills or adopting a formula created by some “guru”. The body needs to be exercised regularly. After exercising, your muscles will be more relaxed (provided you stretch out properly before and after) and your loss in energy will lead to a good nights sleep – another great remedy for stress!

But do not just take our word for it, published research has shown excercise is good for your mental health and is stronlgy associated with happiness.

A good exercise plan should be partnered with a diet for a truly healthy lifestyle. However, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan should always be “fun” – it is difficult (and stressful!) to keep anything going you don’t enjoy. Read more about how exercise reduces stress, by fitting it into your daily routine.

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