I can now keep my lifetime hobby going

by Fred


My wife and I have caravanned for many years and During that time have become fairly good photographers. After we both retired we spent a few years travelling both here and Europe, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our Motto was Caravanning and Photography go well together. However in 2007 my wife was stricken with heart problems and after many major operations she died in Oct 2013. My age now is 78 and have similar but not as serious problems which now make it reasonably difficult to both caravanning and Photography. I first sold the touring caravan and bought a small car. I then have bought a Electric Folding Bike and next spring I am going to buy a small tent and go camping once more. I intend going to places that we both longed to visit but due to her frailty was out of the question. I will motor to the nearest camp ground, pitch my tent and use the electric bike to get me to the vantage points in the area. This I hope will rejuvenate my love of photography and visiting areas that may be new to me. I have even renewed my passport so that if things work out for me I will attempt to travel to our famous country ITALY - Wish me luck and Santa Natale to you all