I Don’t Want A Lot For Christmas, There Is Just One Thing I Need… A Bike!

by Drew Rapley

Electric bikes best Christmast present

Christmas is fast approaching, and there is more than one way to make sure the pigs in blankets and Christmas puddings don’t cling on to your waistline this year! Riding a bike is a great way to stay healthy and fit in the winter months.

There are many different cycling events to note this Winter, one of which is ‘Cycling Santas and Riding Reindeers’ on the 8th December in Bristol. The cycling fun begins at 10:30am in front of the ‘M Shed’ and finishes at 2:30pm. Anyone willing to dress up in the christmas spirit and who likes to cycle are encouraged to come and take part.

The Benefits That Cycling Offers

Deeper Sleep

It has been clinically proven that regular exercise can significantly improve sleep patterns and quality of sleep. If you are regularly cycling to work or even going for a few bike rides over the weekend, this can help you no end in getting a good nights kip and keeping fit.

Lose Weight

Cycling is a great way to exercise for those looking to shift a few pounds. Regular cycling can build up the leg muscles, allowing people being able to cycle for longer distances and at a quicker rate. Set yourself different goals, upping the distance and time according to your progress.

Fight Off Illness

Medical professionals have identified that moderate exercise actually keeps immune cells more active, thereby increasing your chance of fighting off infection. So if you want to avoid those Christmas sniffles then grab life by the handlebars.

Saving The World

Taking real stock of how our daily lives impact carbon emissions is something that people all over the UK are waking up to. Most do their part by recycling and by using the different coloured bin system, but a further, more active step to take would be to use your car less often. Even cycling short distances can help, if you live close to where you need to be, maybe hit the carbon neutral pedals to get there.

Stress Free

Do you constantly feel stressed day to day, and have no active and adequate outlet to express some pent up frustration? Cycling is a fantastic way to blow off some steam, and gets you fit in the process. There is nothing calmer than cycling through a beautiful country lane admiring the scenery and letting your thoughts wander or pedalling hard down a long straight road.

Guilt Free Eating And Drinking

When you are cycling a good few miles a day, then the importance of not having that extra slice of cake after dinner becomes much less of an issue. As long as you are burning off the calories during the day, then you have nothing to worry about. So stay for that extra pint, eat that extra slither, as if you are cycling enough, it is being completely neutralised by the exercise you are doing during the week.

Electric Bikes

Are you someone who feels they aren’t physically up to cycling long distances or are worried about the strain of cycling? Electric bikes may be the perfect solution for you.

Electric bikes are fitted with electric batteries that help the rider along their journey. It is almost like having a fit athlete pedalling along with you. This means that the stress impact of the exercise you are doing is significantly decreased and increases the ease of the ride.

Most electric bikes are easily charged by using a regular plug socket.

If you are looking into getting an electric bike for Christmas or want to find out more then the Electric Bike Corporation will be able to provide more information.

Here’s to a healthy UK Christmas!