Electric Bikes designed for the Peak District

by Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn - E-bike from Electric Bike Store

I do a heck of a lot of cycling and was getting a bit bored of my current bike and fancied something a bit more exciting and fancied a change. I had a friend who recently purchased an electric bike and just decided that they were easy to use and great fun.

I went on the internet and spent days researching all the options. I’m only 37 so I wanted something that looked cooler than the average electric bike. I read loads or reviews and eventually decided that Volt offered the most interesting range. I went and had a test ride at London Bridge and was immediately drawn to the Alpine Model.

I've had my bike for two months and have given it a very through testing. It is amazing off-road and I ride it in the woods all the time and on road I managed to get it to 70kph going down a huge hill in Amersham. If anyone can beat that I welcome the challenge. This is the most fun bike I’ve ever owned, I’ve even started using it for work errands.

I recieved excellant service from the Electric Bike Store and the bike is excellant :)