My cycling friends laughed... right up until I overtook them

by Brian

My friends, who ride a non electric cycle to work, started to laugh when I rolled up on my Thompson Euro Classic 2 Electric Bike. You know the normal jokey “are you pushing that thing home tonight?” or “maybe your not going home at all!”

All very funny until home time came and we all headed for home; I was very slow off the mark as this was the first time I had ever riden it apart from in the morning time, so my mates were well ahead of me. After picking the keys up off the floor which I had nervously dropped, I inserted the key and watched excitedly as the power battery lights shone brightly and pressed the mode switch button.

I swear I heard her roar, and off she went, steady as a mountain goat, but eager to please eating the road up that remained between my non-electric biking friends and my Thompson Euro Classic 2 Electric Bike, who by now had a rhythm which sounded like im going to catch up, im going to catch up... and she did.

First the trailing rider as we swept past his amazed open mouthed face, and his equaly stunned friends who greeted us with the sound of silence and must have thought the world had stopped turning. Must I go on...?

My Thompson Euro Classic 2 Electric Bike - which I now call bluebird - sleeps peacefully in my Romahome camper van at night and eagerly awaits the next adventure. This is my story about my best friend Thompson Euro Classic 2 Electric Bike

best wishes,