My Personal Mission to get Electric Bikes to the Masses!

by Frank Curran

I was working for a sister company to Powabyke when a sales job became available which I went for and promptly got. At the time I had no interest really in electric bikes, just the sales opportunities it offered! As I got into it and saw peoples reactions at shows when I was exhibiting and really started believing in the product.

As time went by, it became my little baby and personal mission to get electric bikes to the masses! It sounds sad I know but I believe a majority of the public would benefit from using an electric bike, unfortunately there are still prejudices and stigmas attached to electric bikes that are painfully slow to overcome.

Ebikes in Europe are massive but the Uk transport network/infrastructure means cycling is still a minor form of transport. Attitudes are changing and with rising fuel costs and transport issues, more and more people are slowly turning to cycling and electric bikes.