The first electric bike without pedals

by Johannes Loncaric
(Alicante, Spain)

XKUTY One Electric Bike

The Spanish company based in Alicante, Electric Mobility Company has released at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante the "XKUTY One", the first electric bike without pedals in the world. It is a hybrid between a scooter and a bicycle, in design and performance.

XKUTY One is designed under the FASB (Fully Assisted Bike) technology. The bicycle integrates a HUB engine in the wheel itself, and by this way eliminates the need for pedals, chains, oil or gas. This will solve three problems for cities: noise pollution, air pollution and dirt.

It also complies with the principle of constant search for a more natural and comfortable position for the driver. His angled and inverted seat facilitates a confortable position for people of different heights.

As for performance, the bicycle is a real lightweight, weighing less than 45 kg, less than a moped, ensuring easily move with it. The vehicle, which only takes two hours to recharge the battery using any power outlet, has a range of approximately 50 kilometers.

The launch event brought together more than 130 people between authorities, potential investors and distributors.

The company behind the project is formed by a group of former students of a master for executives held in a Business School of Alicante. A classroom exercise developed during this master originated an independent company which decided to organize and get the vehicle ahead.

The company is accepting orders under the website