Whizzing up and down the Bristol hills!

by Mark Loveridge

About 6 years ago I was working for Ecotricity - the Worlds first green electricity supplier in a business development role and as part of that attended many events.

At one I can across the Vectrix, the Worlds first production high performance electric scooter, had a ride and thought it was pretty damn cool. So having been at Ecotricity for a few years decided a change would be good.

I joined Vectrix as UK Sales Manager and did so for a little over two years until the Americans and Italians had spent almost all the investors money!

I had come across electric bicycles at a few shows in the past, but was never that impressed by them, but after researching becoming an importer myself amongst other things I noticed Urban Mover were based just up the road from me and gave them a call. From there I went to meet them and soon found myself as their Head of Sales.

A few months in I discovered that we needed a larger range of bikes and larger levels of stock from a larger organisation and it was then I met Ultra Motor. The rest is history, I have been with Ultra Motor for almost two years and this month we launched our new brand of Fast4ward bikes to replace Urban Mover and are moving onwards and upwards!

I love my electric bike and can often be seen shooting round Cheltenham or when home whizzing up and down the Bristol hills!

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