Your First Electric Bike Ride


Take your new electric bike out as soon as you can, test all the systems and components and get used to the new ride. Let your dealer know how you’re getting on, and offer a testimonial if you thought their service was good. They’ll appreciate that!

Day to Day Help

Connecting with other electric bike users is important. The Pedelecs Forum is a community of electric bike owners, where they can share their problems, stories and questions. I really recommend registering - its a great community there.

Stay Safe!

Cyclists need to be aware of potential road hazards, like cars cutting across. With that in mind, please take a look at Bicycle Safe and the guide on their homepage.

Getting Used to Your New Electric Bike

If you’re using your new electric bike for commuting you could break yourself in slowly with a drive-in/cycle home, cycline-in/drive home alternating schedule. Experiment with different routes - and when you’re used to your electric bike, why not share our electric bike story here?