Electric Bicycle Exercise

Electric Bicycle Exercise is simply easier, more practical - and importantly - more regular than "traditional" cycling

Electric bicycle exercise has the chance to save you money and help make you fitter – more so than ‘traditional’ bikes. Curiously, fitting a motor can help people get fitter, easier. Why?

Perhaps you’re one of those people who want to get fitter, to lose a few pounds and “live the healthy lifestyle” – but you simply don’t have the time. Next time you’re sat in the car, or on the train on the way to work, think. Could you be using this time more productively? Or healthily?

You’ve seen those commuters who cycle into work everyday, arriving sweaty and needing a change into more formal wear. For most people, its not particularly attractive nor practical.

The reason's simple. Brits are lazy! Even with the biggest and best government incentives, the vast majority of us aren’t particularly attracted to the idea of using bicycles to commute to work. Sure, they’re cheap and “green” – but not for everyone. We all 'politely decline'.

The strange thing is most people agree that cycling is a fantastic, affordable and environmentally-friendly way of getting from A to B; but the effort involved is a mile away from the comfort of your own car or a the sometimes convenient public transport system.

Cycling is often perceived as being hard work for little reward. You can’t cover as much distance partly because you don’t want to work hard all the way and arrive soaked in sweat.

Imagine if that psychological barrier were to be removed though. Would your attitudes towards cycling change? Would you consider travelling on a much more effort-free bike?

Electric bicycle exercise can deliver that freedom.

You can enjoy a little gentle exercise on your way to and from work to keep the pedals ticking over whilst the motor does the real legwork propelling you at a steady 15mph (faster than most cyclists).

That little bit of regular exercise from pedaling will raise your metabolism a little during the journey. That means your pulse and breathing rate go up a little. Overtime, you will feel much healthier and happier (even trimmer!) as your body reacts to the regular exercise pattern.

… And as an added bonus, you’ll be saving money, skipping the traffic jams and getting a little fresh air everyday. Sound good?

And a little fresh air as an added bonus

Purely because of the practicality,electric bikes are a surprising way to get a little bit more gentle exercisewithout going out of your way. No, it isn't some overnight weight loss technique - but it is an easy step towards sustained healthy living because:

  • Cycling isn’t weight bearing – unlike running – so its easy on your joints.
  • Cycling is a form of aerobic exercise – you can raise and maintain your metabolism for a long period of time (that’s good for burning fat).
  • Cycling is much cheaper than going to the gym - so you more money to spend elsewhere.
  • Cycling is much cheaper than other forms of transport – so you even more money to spend elsewhere.
  • Brits are prefer to use electric bikes than other kinds of bikes since we use them more often.

Of course, there are far more dedicated cyclists who use traditional bikes extensively and could end up doing less exercise if they had a motor to assist them – but they’d already be doing lots of cycling. They’re the lucky ones, because most people don’t.

If you’re like most people, electric bicycle exercise is the perfect solution for fitting an healthier lifestyle around your current busy schedule. But they have lots of other benefits you should know about too.

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