Electric Bike Dealers

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We recommend you both try out, and buy electric bikes from these select electric bike dealers. Proven to offer excellent service at great value in convenient locations, here's our list of vendors we trust.

Electrifying Cycles

Electrifying Cycles Electrifying Cycles is an established electric bike shop in Cromer, Norfolk. As quality BEBA members, they've had customers travel up to 5 hours in order to see them. With plenty of safe space nearby to try out a range of electric bikes, Electrifying Cycles are a sure bet to visit. Visit Electrifying Cycles' page on Electric Bikes Experts

Electric Bike Store

Electric Bike Store Electric Bike Store are the exclusive sellers of Volt Electric Bikes and are based right in the heart of London, near London Bridge. They're the perfect store to go to if you work in the City and are looking for an alternative to the crowded tube network for commuting to work.

Here's more reasons to buy from Electric Bike Store, London Bridge

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Want more? Buy the Book

David Henshaw of A to B Magazine, and cycling author Richard Peace have co-written an excellent book on the history, best practices and technology all in one handy book. Available on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

Convert Your Bike to Electric

Did you know you can convert your existing bike to an electric bike using a conversion kit? Watch this video where experts argue the pros and cons of conversion kits.

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