Best Electric Bike Websites Awards

Most of the most relevant, high-quality electric bikes websites and webpages are linked to from within the guides, but here’s still a list of websites who really stand out as great electric bike resources.

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Electric Bike Report

What We Like: Electric Bike Report is an blog run by American, Pete Prebus. Regular posts with reviews, guides and videos too.

Electric Bicycle World Tour Blog

What We Like: The story and account of Guim Valls Teruel who is cycling around the world, spanning five continents on an electric bike, to help promote their benefits. His blog shows his latest updates, as well as a map so you can track his progress around the world.

Pedelecs Forum

What We Like: In the UK, there’s no bigger, friendlier and knowledgable community than the Pedelecs Forum. Its particularly good for getting brief technical advice quickly, and support if you’re trying to try electric bike conversion. An excellent, active forum that's free to join.

Electric Bike Magazine

What We Like: Electric Bike Mag are the “go to” place for thorough reviews by professional cycling journalists. The Electric Bike Magazine, also available in print, is an offshoot of Velovision, an established UK cycling magazine.

LEVA Assocation

What We Like: The Light Electric Vehicle Associate are very good at educating their members, and outside visitors about the LEV market, and how they can best position themselves in it. There's a great range of powerpoints and notes from industry experts worth looking at.

A to B Magazine

What We Like: Being another magazine publisher, they’re in the business making great, editorial content. We especially like their buyers guide, consisting of just lots of concise bike reviews for you to get a brief overview of what electric bikes are out there.

Extra Energy

What We Like: Extra Energy is a German non-profitorganization that tests dozens of electric bikes out for their publications. In terms of technical detail, nothing else comes close.

Electric Bikee Blog

What We Like: Their often daily news coverage of the electric bike industry, reviews and other helpful articles.

More useful electric bike websites

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