Electric Bikes Edinburgh

Electric Bikes are perfect for Edinburgh! Edinburgh is one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the UK, with more bikes than other registered motor vehicles on its streets.

Disused railway lines and pathways have been mapped and tracked. Now called the "Innertube", a map (similar in design to the London Underground) has been produced to help cyclists navigate the less crowded routes in the city.

innertube edinburgh

Since Edinburgh is quite hilly, it lends itself to electric bikes best. Hills aren't a problem on electric bikes at all since the motor can take the excess strain of pedalling uphill. Cycling in Edinburgh can always be fun!

If you want to try electric bikes in edinburgh, there’s two shops in the city, as well as a dealer up in Locknelly which is only a short drive away. Make sure you get to try a variety of e-bikes on the hills in Edinburgh!

Watch these video interviews with electric bikes experts about how to choose your electric bike

The Electric Cycle Company
133 - 135 Granton Road

Contact information on their homepage
Landline Telephone: 013 1552 0999

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11 - 13 Lochrin Place

Visit their contact page
Landline Telephone: 013 1228 7633

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Alien Bikes
1 - 9 Plantation Street

Contact details at the bottom of this page
Landline telephone number: 015 9278 0528

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