Folding Electric Bicycle

A folding electric bicycle has many unique advantages over ordinary bicycles. Its flexibility and portability lends itself to a commuter who may have to carry their bike on a train, or keep it at work where they either wouldn’t be allowed or aren’t practical without folding down.

Commuters who choose to cycle to work suffer from inadequate facilities enroute and at work. Relatively few train services allow passengers to transport bikes, particularly over peak commuter hours when commuters need trains most. Similarly, keeping a bike at your workplace can be a problem either due to a lack of bicycle storage or simply the danger of having your bike stolen.

There are precautions you can take like getting a reputable bike lock or encouraging your employer to offer cycling facilities for commuters – but a folding electric bicycle goes a step further.

Typically, a foldable electric bike can be packed away or set up in under a minute – some in as little as 15 seconds once you’ve got the hang of it. That means you can easily pack and unpack your electric bike on a train, bus or anything else and pack it up easily when you get to work. You can easily take your bike inside with you, so it’s less likely to be stolen than if it were left outside.

Most electric folding bicycles compact down to the size of a small carry-on suitcase, and they tend to weigh a similar amount depending on model. That means they’re easy to carry with one hand (yes!) so taking your electric folding bike on the underground escalators isn’t an issue. Some can even fold up into specially designed rucksacks leaving your hands free.

The ultimate commuter bike is an electric folding bike; they’re practical, fast, cost-effective and they fold up to make them easier to carry and less likely to get lost. For anyone cycling to work, they are ideal.

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