Hybrid Electric Bike

A hybrid electric bike is a cross between an electric mountain bike and an electric road bike. They feature a tougher frames and the wider selection of gears you’d expect from a mountain bike, but with the speed and slick tires of a road bike. It’s a great everywhere, everyday fast and sturdy option.

blueLABEL Charger electric bike

If you plan to use your bike for commuting into work for example, but also want to the flexibility of going across country at the weekend, a hybrid bike is perfect.

One of the key differences is the more upright frame and riding position (unlike the crouched forward position you might have on a road/racing bike). This is also better for travelling long distances in comfort with a better posture – essential for a longer commute.

Sitting upright also gives you more awareness of traffic and people around you; important if you’re commuting through a busy city.

The stronger and more robust frame is likely to cope better with city potholes and rough roads you sometimes encounter on the road. The wider and chunkier wheels will ride any bumps much better than a road bike by comparison (and you’ll be in a better riding position to cope with any bumps!)

A hybrid electric bicycle takes the concept to the next level. You gain the flexibility of a hybrids design whilst maintain the cost savings and health benefits of an electric bike; you can travel further, quicker, more easily.

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