Running vs Cycling Showdown

If you’re considering running vs cycling as a form of exercise, getting around or just having fun – consider the bigger picture first.

Running is simpler; pop on some traniners, a jogging top, grab your keys and go. Easy and straightforward…

… With cycling, yes there’s bit more to it – but you also get more out of it. Bikes are one of the most efficient machines in the world for harnessing energy. Consider how much faster a bike is than a runner and for about the same amount of exercise. That means you get to see more of the world. In a half hour jog, you might run a few kilometers or so; a half hour cycle you could travel several miles, so you’re not bound to the same or similar routes.

What’s more, cycling is a more practical form of exercise. Since you can travel faster and more efficiently, you can use it to get around town, go to the shops – even commute. If you tried that running around town (excluding the fact that running with shopping is challenging at the best of times!) you’d find yourself arriving a sweaty mess. Yuck.

It’s true you will sweat on cycling, but there is a specific way you can avoid sweating on a bike so you don’t turn up to meetings covered in perspiration. And what’s more, since you travel faster whilst on a bike, you get cooled down more thanks to the wind chill effect.

Of course the choice is up to you. The sad truth is most the people reading this page won’t act on either… perhaps they’re too lazy, or they haven’t the time, or they just don’t want to leave their cars behind –but there’s a special option for you.

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