Ultra Motor Electric Bikes

Ultra Motor electric bikes have been around in the UK for over three years, but they’re a truly global company. The 4-man German design team, based in Berlin, are responsible for creating the Ultra Motor branded bikes unique look.

With an Ultra Motor branded bike, you can rest your confidence of reliability and quality issues with the 20-strong research and development team based in Taiwan, where most of the bike parts are manufactured. The engineers research all manner of electronics for light electric vehicles, especially around propulsion and batteries.

They’ve got two main models in their flagship A2B electric bikes range:

A2B Metro

a2b metro

With chunky ‘scooter-style’ tires and a twist-throttle, the A2B Metro is more like an electric scooter with pedals. It’s why Jason Bradbury off the Gadget Show chose the A2B Metro for the ‘commuter bike challenge’.

A Day in the Life of the Ultra Motor A2B Metro (via Motorcycle.com)

“the Metro is a step down from a scooter”

The “power-on-demand” is great for boosting confidence when cycling in a city, whenever you just need that spurt of power, you know its there. This also translates well when you take the Metro off-road.

A2B Hybrid

A2B Hybrid

The hybrid is much more like a cyclists electric bike, much lighter and with slimmer tires. Rather than having throttle-assist, its got a built in torque-sensor to add power assistance according to how hard you’re pedalling, with different levels of assistance you can tinker with. Its got more range than the A2B Metro too.

“The A2B Hybrid is more of a cyclists e-bike as you can easily adjust the level of assist dependent on how much work you want to do”

They’ve also just introduced the new Ultra Motor A2B Excel, similar to the A2B Metro but without the pedals. Its a pure electric-scooter that can cruise happily at up to 28mph.

Most Ultra Motor dealers stock both A2B models, so if you’ve got the chance to try one, you should try the other too.

Fast4Ward Electric Bikes

Recently, the new Fast4Ward electric bikes have been introduced to the Ultra Motor range. Complementing the high-performance A2B bikes, the Fast4Ward range includes:

  1. Fast4Ward Peak
    The first dedicated Ultra Motor electric mountain bike

  2. Fast4Ward Ride
    Designed for the casual rider, riding in comfort

  3. Fast4Ward Edge
    Ultra Motors original folding electric bike, designed to be collapsed for carrying around

We recommend buying Ultra Motor Electric Bikes from Evans Cycles, Britain's largest chain of bicycle retailers. You can be sure, if you have a problem, that you can easily find a local outlet to help you out. For best prices however, look online.

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