What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike bike is just like a bicycle, but with an electric motor and battery attached. Its like having a fit athlete pedal your bike with you, meaning faster, sweat-free travel in windy, uphill conditions on a bike thats a lot more fun to ride!

Statistics show that most people’s journeys are around 2 miles, about a 25 - 30 minute walk. However, most people will take their cars and spend time finding and paying for parking at either or both ends, so a bicycle becomes a far more practical alternative.

Similarly, the average UK commute has now risen to just under 9 miles, which most people could easily cycle in under an hour. Electric bikes could do this much quicker, and leave you fresh and ready to work at the other end.

What makes electric bikes so much more different than anything else is the ability to cross towns so much faster and more affordably. The various different makes and models give you a range of between 15 and 50 miles which is ample for most commutes with a recharge time typically around 3 hours.

Electric bikes can route more directly to destinations by travelling on roads as well as any shortcuts (like through parks, narrow streets and past traffic) and don’t have to spend ages finding and paying for parking, waiting for a bus or sitting in a gridlock.

What’s more, since electric bikes ‘fuel’ comes out of your household electricity bill and not from the pumps, the cost of a return two-mile - or even twenty-mile - trip is mere pennies.

And that’s even without considering the costs of MOT, insurance, depreciation, driving licences and dozens of other motoring expenses you simply don’t to deal with when you have an electric bike. And although the battery may need replacing after a few years, an electric bike will go on and on and on, and still hold a high resale value.

Sure, you wouldn’t get these problems with public transport, but rather over-crowding, rising costs, not necessarily reliable service and the frustrating zig-zag across towns that you inevitably have to take.

But perhaps one of the biggest secrets that electric bikers enjoy is liberation. You spend most of your waking hours sat at a desk, or in your car, or on the bus or train - stuck inside, not able to exercise much and stressed out either at home or work.

An electric bike encourages you to do that little bit of exercise (even without sweating, so you might not need to have a shower at either end, and change out of some specialist cycling clothes. Work or casual clothes are usually fine) and get some fresh air.

What this does is releases endorphins, ‘feel-good’ hormones your body produces. It’s like a free drug which makes you feel happy and relaxed, the perfect remedy for a stressful day at work or at home.

Oh, and it’s really, really good fun! The power-to-weight ratio is high. You’ll get a massive grin each time you ride.

If that’s whetted you’re appetite, the next chapter will explain how electric bikes deliver each of these benefits.

The real winner is you!

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